We Stop Repossession & Purchase your House Fast for 100% Cash.
We Can Pay Close to Market Value and Offer 3 Months Rent Free Stay After Cash Sale.

We’ll aim to have cash in your bank in 7 days or sooner.
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Looking to sell your house to stop or avoid repossession? then we can help…Our service is renowned, rated 5 Stars from over 50 reviews giving you total peace of mind.

  • We Stop Repossession Fast
  • Stop a last minute Eviction
  • We Can Buy Any Property
  • Instant Offer – No Obligation
  • No Viewings, No Chains
  • 100% No Fees on your part
  • No Solicitor Fees
  • 3 Months Stay Rent Free After Sale
  • Immediate Cash Advance Available
  • 100% Transparency & Communication
  • Our Offer is Final & what you Receive



“Adam found a buyer for an amazing price and his friendly team sorted everything else out for us” – Brian Smith

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We will have the cash in your bank in 7 days if not sooner.

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We will give you up to 3 months rent free stay, giving you plenty of time to move.

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We will support you all the way and be on hand.

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Rapid Sale Service FAQ

Faq's relating to the Rapid Sale Service.

Are you just an Estate Agent?

No. We are a genuine cash buying company and are not Estate Agents. We purchase property in most cases to hold on to ourselves.

Are you really a free service?

Yes. Our services are 100% free. There is No Financial Outlay when you choose to use our service. We build our outlay into the offer, which will still be as good as any other competitive cash offer. We are a totally transparent company.

Could I really get Cash in 7 days?

Yes. Once you have accepted our offer, we then proceed to sort out your finances. We will then give you a completion date which will be in 7 days or sooner. 90% of our completions happen in 7 days, 10% of cases do go over 7 days depending on lenders & adverse circumstances beyond our control. However we already will have the funds in place and our aim is to have the cash in your bank in 7 days if not sooner.

Do you really by any kind of property?

Certainly, we buy any kind of property, flats, houses, detached, semi detached, bungalows etc, regardless of their condition. We are also interested in land, commercial buildings, oddball properties, ugly properties, derelict properties, basically we will look at absolutely everything.

Do you really offer up to 3 months rent free stay after sale

Yes. As we buy your property, we can let you stay under contract for up to 3 months rent free after we complete the sale and you have the cash. This alone can be worth on average over £2000 in rental fees dependant on area. You really can move in a timescale to suit you. This is part of our service that is unrivalled by any other company.

How long could this all take?

We can give you an offer within hours and aim to have the cash in your bank in 7 days or in most cases sooner.

I am being Evicted can you Stop this?

Yes, we can help and stop the eviction in as little as 30 minutes. It’s best to contact us straight away in the morning so we can act fast and have everything in place.

I am facing Repossession can you stop this?

Our main expertise is Stopping Repossession of a home and assisting in a quick sale. We talk to your lenders, sort everything out so you don’t have too. We can prove to lenders that we are purchasing your property by giving our proof of funds.
We also can give you 3 months rent free in your property after we have stopped the repossession, purchased the property and you have cash in the bank. In most cases we can Stop Repossession & Home Eviction in 30 minutes.

My Property has some serious repair issues, will you still buy it?

We are interested in any property in any condition.

There must be a catch, what fees do I have to pay?

You will have absolutely no fees to pay us either upfront or from the sale proceeds, we will cover all costs associated with the sale, this includes solicitors fees, EPCS etc.

What makes you different from other companies?

We understand that a homeowner facing repossession or financial difficulties is a very sensitive subject. Repossession can happen to anybody, nobody is immune, however it doesn’t have to be the end or even a gruesome experience. We pride ourselves in the fact that as soon as you make contact with us, we can advise for Free and start the ball rolling in getting you back on track.
Unlike other companies, we don’t charge upfront fees, and we don’t make promises we cannot keep. Its that simple. By contacting us you’re in safe hands right from the beginning.

Will I need a home valuation?

No. Nowadays every homeowner knows the approximate value of their property. We will agree a competitive price and if you are happy with our offer then we can proceed with-out a valuation. However if you would sooner have a valuation, we will appoint 2 local estate agents in your area to get some figures. Our offers are dependant on your Timescales and the speediness in which everything needs to be completed. Some companies offer chartered RICS surveyors, which in our experience takes time to come out and also is a very thorough examination of the property. Most lenders use RICS surveyors when lending money.

Will you guarantee to buy my property?

No, no company can guarantee this as that depends on what you are looking for however we do guarantee to present you with a solution depending on your needs and timescales, we will Stop the Repossession by your lender and offer you the most competitive price on the market that will be hard to beat.

Will your offer be reduced at the very last minute?

No. Our offer will stand firm and is guaranteed, we never reduce an offer.

Repossession & Eviction Support

Support help for people facing Repossession.

Could I get a loan to pay off my arrears and stop repossession?

In todays financial climate the majority of lenders see that a rapid sale of property is normally the only reasonably accepted exit route they are in favour off.

How many months mortgage arrears before repossession?

This is all down to your lender, every lender acts differently. Normally after the first month of a missed mortgage payment you will receive a letter informing you about the consequences of missed mortgage payments. After 3 months missed payments you are likely to receive a letter stating that they are going to file for repossession. The law requires that your lender must inform you that they are going to start repossession proceedings. Your lender must go through the courts before they can take possession of your property. This is called taking possession action.

If my house is repossessed can i get another mortgage?

In short, getting another mortgage after being repossessed will be quite difficult. A lender would see you as a considerable risk so it is possible your mortgage application would be denied. There may be other lenders that deal in higher risk lending cases, but you would have to be prepared to pay much higher interest rates or fees.

What is Mortgage Repossession?

Mortgage Repossession is when the lender takes repossession of a property due to mortgage payments falling behind.

Can I just hand back the keys to the lender?

This is known as voluntary repossession. We suggest you do not hand back the keys as this allows full control to the lender meaning the property being sold as fast as possible to recoup the lenders money. This could result in any equity in the property being lost.

Will I be liable to pay any money once the lender has repossessed my property?

Unfortunately in some cases, if the lender does not recoup enough money to cover their initial lending value, interest, selling fees, then they see its only right to come back to you for the shortfall.

Some insight into property shortfalls can be read about on the Financial Ombudsman Service

How can I stop repossession?

Home Repossession is created by a varied set of circumstances. These range from family death, illness, or loss of job which in turn creates mortgage arrears. The most important thing is to keep communication open with your lender and inform them of your circumstance. A lot of people tend to bury their head in the sand thinking the problem will just go away but it rarely does thus ending with a notice of Eviction.

There is various steps a lender may take to help someone who is struggling to keep up payments. They may lower the monthly payments or interest if you can prove you still have income coming in and that you can afford it. They may ask for you to catch up over the next 3 to 6 months, which depends on your circumstances, every case is different. However if you are struggling this can be a fine line to maintain and another missed payment will reignite the repossession letters and process.

The best way to Stop Repossession is off-course to pay off  the arrears in full, but this can prove difficult and sometimes means looking to family to help or even to try and take out a last minute loan on high interest, then you are left trying to pay your mortgage that you fell behind with in the first place and now a loan at high interest.

If you have equity in your property then the last thing you want to do is loose it, many turn to a quick house sale and try to sell the property, again this can prove difficult on the open market due to selling fees, demand. The average house sale takes anything up to 3 months. This may not be fast enough if a lender is seeking repossession. You will have to inform the lender of your intentions and at what price you are selling.

Repossession Law

Repossession Law

Repossession Law Information

In today’s troubled economic climate the loans made by lenders generally come with some kind of security. A charge over your property allows your lender to recoup any amounts outstanding to them should you become in arrears and default on your mortgage..

There is a Repossession Law specially made to protect the mortgagor before or after any agreements are made. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_of_Property_Act_1925

Firstly your lender should/will contact you to discuss your finances and to see if there is any way they can help, we would advise you should always try and pay something and come to some arrangement with your lender.

If your lender states that they wish to repossess due to missed payments or mortgage arrears, you may still be able to postpone the repossession under the Administration of Justice Act 1970, section 36, but you would have to show the court you can make and keep future payments up.

If your lender repossesses your home they generally do anything they can to recover most of the debt, this includes auctioning your house for far less than its worth, if they don’t get enough for your house then you may still be liable for the difference. When its in the lenders hands you no longer have control – don’t let it get this far, turn the tables and sell your house fast not giving your lender chance.

We Can Buy Any House

If you are facing home owner repossession or last minute eviction, then we can help… Our service is a must for any home owner experiencing difficulties in selling their property fast to stop or avoid repossession. We can stop lender repossession in as little as 30 minutes in most cases. We can purchase your property for cash in just 7 days or sooner.

100% Free Service

Our service is designed to be simple & hassle free for you the home owner. You won’t have any financial outlay, no commissions, no legal fees, conveyancing fees and no estate agent fees to pay. What we offer is what you receive guaranteed, it’s that simple. We will deal with sorting out your lender, sort out all the paper work so you don’t have to.

Free Advice

Talk to us first, in more cases or not we can advise the best route to take. We know how to deal with lenders and courts, we can advise on the full repossession process and timescales you can expect. Our advice is Free and just a phone call or click away. We have a full in-house solicitor who has offices through-out the U.K.

Any Condition

We Buy in Any Condition, so don’t be worried if you think you house needs work. We don’t take into account the condition of the property when making our offer. We don’t do any surveys or home visits. We take all the risk.

Competitive Prices

We can stop the fear of the unknown and the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen when facing repossession or eviction from your home. We don’t work on fixed % discounts when making offers, we take each property on its own merit based on type & location and then we make the best competitive cash offer we can.

Rent Free Stay After Sale

After we have purchased your property, we can then give you up to 3 months rent free stay after cash completion. This means once contacting us, you really are in no rush – even if you are facing repossession. We are the only company in the U.K to offer this as it needs great resources. On average this is worth £500 – £1500 in rent per month, depending on region.